Let’s Go North



The North Highland Way was first mooted in 1992 by the Caithness Waybaggers. It will not be a built way, but the areas around the main towns already have good access. In other areas the route needs work which costs money. The route will be the only multi use route in Scotland, and which complies with the EU Directives on Sustainable Tourism and Climate Change.

The route from John o Groats to Durness is 150 miles and can be done in easy stages.  The route is still under development in places, although The Highland Council are doing a great job of looking after the route within their remit.  You can contact the Access Officer through the development site if you encounter any problems.

We will be formally launching the “Green Academy” in February 2020 in Belfast and you will be able to follow our course at your own pace to understand how to “Go Green”.  This is in conjunction with our partners in Holland.

The scenery, the history, the walks are superb. Help us raise funds for this massive project by attending our festivals, buying our books, contributing to our Just Giving campaigns and by checking back to Just Giving for the latest developments.

Great scenery, friendly local people always willing to give a hand if you have difficulty, great food and accommodation… the Northern Highlands has it all!

This is why why we did not get the funding for the sustainable tourism route we wanted. Ce la vie!

You can buy our book “Creating the North Highland Way” on Amazon.

“The dream to create a route across the north of Scotland from John o Groats to Durness with the same facilities as the South West Path in England to be called the North Highland Way lives on.

In addition we are mentioned on the Caminos page.

Join us on the North Highland Way.”


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