Camino walkers

Barry with his space pal

Barry is going exploring, and will become a camino walker shortly. He will be visiting St. Magnus Cathedral on Orkney, Lincoln Cathedral, Armagh cathedral and finally, and not last, Lancaster Cathedral, home of St. Brian. Of course, the real home of St. Brian is in Caithness. Of course St. Brian had links with Spain.

The clever girls
The only Way which adheres to the principles of sustainable tourism.

Passport due out soon.

A college in Lurgan has designed a wonderful passport….

“I may be gone for some time.”

Peter Hill wrote his book “I May be Gone for Some Time” about his walk around the coast of Britain.  There are some really great poignant points, especially relating to Dounreay and energy in the north where Alex Salmond declared that Caithness was “the Saudi Arabia of renewable energy”.  This has not happened.

“In 2014, a self-proclaimed ‘relatively normal 50-year-old, overweight desk-jockey’, took on the monumental task of attempting a 5,000-mile walk around the coast of mainland Britain in the name of two worthy charities.Developed and adapted from his award-winning blog, this is a journal documenting the highs and lows of his 42-week hike around Britain with only the support of his friends, family, the odd stranger or two and a trusty second-hand motorhome as a roving base camp. Peter Hill, the man behind the whimsical idea, never viewed the trek as a voyage of personal discovery and instead takes the reader on a truthful blisters-and-all journey with friendly enthusiasm, gentle humour, numerous trials, a few grumbles, the odd rant and many, many ice-creams. With added extracts from a driver’s diary and fully illustrated with a selection of spectacular photographs, this book is only readable with a smile.”

You can order the book directly from the author and it will be available in the proposed Pilgrims Office for the Camino of St. Brian in Portadown, Northern Ireland.

We hope that this will become the portal for Camino Walkers in Scotland – starting with Fife.    In discussions with other organisations with the same aims.