The passport to the North Highland Way has now been launched. Prince Charles should have his copy by now. Cost is be £2 per passport for a one off, and £15 if you want to join the Friends of the North Highland Way.

The passport is A3 size with explanations about each church on it and a map. It will be distributed by our centre in Belfast. To order, email Churches buy the passports for £1 and sell them for £2 to raise money for their churches.

Copies have been given to all of the churches outlined on the route…

Balnakiel – a ruin so not possible. Take a selfie at the site and add it to your passport. Also take a rubbing of the cupid inside the ruin. You will need a charcoal pencil and an A3 sheet of paper.

St. Andrews Church, Tongue, and Betty Hill Church. We are waiting for the rector to get back to us.

North Coast Parish church – we met the delightful ladies from the North Coast guild and are waiting for them to get back to us.

Thurso Baptist Church…. we are waiting for them to get back to us.

Canisbay Church, Mey. Prince Charles’ church of course. The charming Rvd Marcus Corner gave a thought provoking sermon on Sunday 21st July. The congregation was small, but attentive.

None of the churches are open full time, so, unlike Spain, it is not always possible to get your passport stamped, so we have to resort to technology of selfies instead and interesting things like stone rubbings.

Please check back for further information. We will have other products for the route available shortly, even a virtual Camino office where you can book your trips to the North Highland Way.

This year the promotor has undergone a spiritual experience and has visited not only all of the churches mentioned, but regularly attends the Mullavilly church in Northern Ireland, the Lisburn cathedral and the Armagh cathedral. She formed part of the guard of honour as a member of the NUJ at Lyra McKees funeral in St. Annes cathedral in Belfast. A great honour. The promotor is an ex QA Corporal and attends the Remembrance Parade in Portadown as St. Nicholas church.

Also due out soon, is our magazine… by the end of September… Again, watch this space.